Grace Junior Academy is designed to take a child from Kindergarten through preparation for college.

The Kindergarten program is offered to five year olds. The Kindergarten (K-5) curriculum is designed to cultivate skills in phonics, math, self-awareness and socialization within group activities, Music, Art, Reading, Writing, Science, Bible, Physical Education, and time at the library.

Academic Information



In grades 1-6, the emphasis is on Reading comprehension, Writing, Math, English, Science, and History.  The Bible is required as well as Music, Art, and Physical Education.

Grace Junior Academy offers three types of high school diploma programs. Students work towards one of these diploma areas beginning in the ninth grade and culminating in the 12th grade.

The diploma areas are:

  1. Basic/Vocational High School – emphasizes basic skills and no foreign language exposure
  2. College Preparatory – designed to meet the needs of college bound students
  3. Diploma with Academic Excellence – features additional courses in Church History, Political Science, Geography and Physics