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First Day of School

Grace Junior Academy offers a wide range in the area of fine arts curriculum. Students are exposed to Music, Art, Creative Writing and Drama. GJA conducts plays twice a year. Students...
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Friends of Grace Junior Academy

Adeline Washington Memorial Friends Adeline Washington Memorial Friends give between $50 and $500 to Grace Junior Academy. This level of friendship is named in honor of Adeline Washington, our principal's great grandmother. With...
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Our Vision

This ministry is called by God to build a Christian school; hereby, children will be able to learn academic and spiritual principles in a Godly environment. The vision of Grace Junior Academy is to...
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Why Christian Education

Why Christian Education? The Purpose of Christian Education To know Jesus Christ To prepare you to use your God given skills To prepare you to be all you can be in Christ Jesus To spread the gospel message We Exist...
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Our Philosophy

We believe, each student will gain knowledge through relating (Luke 24:27) "Then Jesus began to explain everything which had been written in the Scriptures about him. Jesus started with the books of Moses...
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